Published: 2018-10-01

Applicants for membership of the association are now enjoying the new benefit of an on-site visit prior to the standard interview with the New Membership Evaluation committee. This service is proving invaluable in the assessment of their applications and allows first hand observation as to conditions on site pertaining to good housekeeping, OHS compliance and interaction with their labour force, as well as compliance with company registration of all statutory bodies.
Expanding on our Code of Conduct and highlighting the many benefits of membership is an essential aspect of this meeting, which is particularly welcomed among the emerging contractors seeking membership The applicants can now relate to a face, and gone is the misconception that membership to our Association is an automatic entrée to a pipeline for work.

Those members serving membership probationary periods, will also welcome follow up visits to ensure that the communication channels between them and the association always remain open.
The recruitment drive for membership to our Association is work in progress and is done in tandem with promoting the MBAWC brand and to "Build with the best."  

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